NDIS Registration

Provider Registration Assistance

Royal Management Consultants works with providers step-by-step to make NDIS Registration a whole lot easier and more effective.

Royal Management Consultants

Clarify NDIS Registration Groups

Apply for the NDIS Registration Groups that suit your qualifications and experience. It could save you frustration and money later.

Analyse NDIS Expertise

We help you identify the qualifications and expertise staff need to provide your services, explain the Worker Screening process and provide risk assessment tools.

Provide NDIS Compliance Tools

Provider Registration Assistance includes the forms and tools you need. And we'll explain how to use them to stay on track for audits.


Royal Management Consultants is a professional consultancy, specialising in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider registration process. Once registered as an approved NDIS provider, we also offer ongoing support to help comply with changes in the NDIS landscape and offer strategies to help with business growth.

From sole traders to large organisations, our team of experts have an intimate knowledge of the NDIS provider registration process. We can help your business become an approved NDIS provider, correctly, compliantly and in the shortest time possible.

Call Royal Management Consultants today on +61 478 777 347 We know what it takes for your business to be registered as an approved NDIS provider.

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If you’re ready to become an approved NDIS service provider, but you’re pressed for time, confused by the application process or you just want to make sure it gets done right – Royal Management Consultants is here to help.

We will clear the confusion, give back your time and ensure your registration is completed to the NDIS Commission’s standards.

Hire A NDIS Registration And Consultant In Melbourne For Your Business

If you are searching for a NDIS Registration and Consultant in Melbourne, you should stop your search now. Here at Royal Management Consultants, we specialise in assisting our clients with their NDIS registration. We have experience in successfully registering hundreds of companies, so we can say that whenever you think about registering your business, you need to consult with us. We have maintained a good reputation in the whole state as the pioneers of providing NDIS registration services.

Our Services For New Business

We will assist you in navigating the federal registration and assorted state requirements while assisting you to understand your duties as a disability facilities provider.

We are the best consultants because:
  • We provide quality work with a guarantee. In addition, we know that we are accountable for all the services we provide.
  • We ensure a 100% success rate in various complex or simple registration processes.
  • Our team make sure innovative compliance.
We empower and support you beyond the registration process.

Our Services For Existing Business

If your firm wants a transition to the NDIS registration in Melbourne, our Consultant team can assist you in shifting your business to stay sustainable in the NDIS. In addition to the assistance in transition, we also help you in:
  • Update and incorporate quality assurance systems effectually.
  • Meet standards of service delivery.
  • Understand and answer efficiently to the new service setting.
  • Moving to the new Safeguard framework and national Quality network.

What Are Our Conditions Of Registration?

There are various requirements that we need to meet to maintain our registration with the NDIS Directive. So, as a consultant of NDIS registration, we make sure to meet all the requirements and satisfy our clients. These conditions are:
  • Providers need to comply with the registration conditions.
  • Need to demonstrate compliance with the best practice standards of NDIS
  • Comply with the applicable code of conduct in your firm
  • Incorporate complaints management system for the record and management of complaints
  • There should also be a system for complaint resolution.
  • Incorporate a system for the management of incidents.
  • The system should need to notify the commission about ant incidents.
  • Achieve worker screening requirements.
  • Ensure to screen all relevant workers.

Our Registration Service Packages

We have registration for our new applicants. Our first package is basic in which we guide the clients about the registration process and help them prepare the required documents. Our second package is intermediate. In this package, we mostly offer a meeting on zoom for strategic planning, prepare a complete set of documents for the registration, and lodge the documents on the portal. Our third and last package is Delux. In this package, we assist the clients from the start of the registration process to the end. We do all the work with the help of our expert team and complete a full set of services for completely registering the client as an NDIS provider. As our service packages vary, the cost of all packages also varies according to the services we offer to the client. In addition, if you are looking for a small business start-up in Melbourne, we can also assist you in this matter as the best NDIS Registration and Consultant in Melbourne.

Contact with Us Today!

To get our NDIS registration services, book an appointment, advise from our experts, and know the charges of our packages, call us now at +61 478 777 347 or send us an email at admin@royalmanagementconsultants.com. Our efficient team will get in touch with you in the short possible time.
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New Applicants


For those who want to do the application process themselves

  • advice and support on NDIS registration process
  • Guidance to prepare document using templates provided
$ 1500


End to end management to that registration process and business set up, this includes

  • Full preparation of documents and lodgement and management of the process on the Application Portal
  • Website and two social media pages
  • organisation of an independent auditor to do the audit process
$ 9880