Royal Staffing

Royal Management Consultants is one of the leading recruitment and employment agency in Australia, offering a full recruitment service that sets us apart from other agencies.

We have a database which has thousands of skilled job seekers in different industries.

We offer a competitive, flat fee structure.

Our fees are fully transparent with no hidden costs. You always know what our recruitment service will cost you.

Our transparent and flexible fee structure is calculated on BASE salary.

For all successful permanent placements, our fee is 10% of annual base salary.

For all casual ,temp and contracting roles offer customised quotes to suit your recruitment budgets.

Terms and conditions may vary. 


Our point of difference is that we actually want people to stay in their jobs and enjoy their in the jobs. Which is why we conduct motivational virtual assessments for all our placed employees to beep them motivated.





We are A Results Driven Recruitment Agency. You receive fast and effective recruitment services for a fraction of the cost compared to traditional recruitment agencies.


Recruitment doesn't occur without its challenges. Our expert consultants conduct a quick and effective candidate search to progress candidates straight to interview stage then support you throughout the hiring process.


95% of our clients hire across all roles, industries and locations. We have extensive experience in recruitment you can trust us to find the right applicant for your firm.

How it works

1. Market vacancy
We write and market your vacancy for you, then publish it across all major job boards (including Seek), social media networks, and our database. We market your role multiple times for up to 2 months.

2. Screen and shortlist
Our service gives you complete transparency. We’ll provide you with an update every 3-4 days, screen and review all your applications, and ask your top applicants questions to assess their suitability. We understand that a lot goes into recruitment, and we are dedicated to finding the right fit for you.

3. Back to you – interview and make your hire
Conduct interviews internally and fill your vacancy with a great new team member. Let Royal management Consultants know if you weren’t able to make a hire, we will rerun the campaign for 4 weeks for free, or give you $1000 back.